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Find Replica Wilson balloons from your favorite NBA teams: Los Angeles Lakers Chicago Bulls , Golden State Warriors or Miami Heat

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Mostly orange in color, ball basketballs are usually made of leather, rubber or synthetic materials.

What size basketball should I choose?

The size of a basketball depends on whether you're a man, a woman or a child. For men, size 7 is used.

For women, a size 6 is recommended, and for children under 12, a size 3 to 5 is recommended.

It's important to understand that the bigger the size, the bigger the circumference and weight. Up to the age of 12, you'll need to adapt to your child's needs.

NBAThe American Basketball League.

The NBA, short for National Basketball Association, is North America's premier professional basketball league. Founded in 1946, elle is made up of 30 teams (29 in the United States and 1 at Canada) grouped into two conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference.
Established on June 6, 1946 under the nom of BAA (Basketball Association of America), the league became NBA in 1949 following its fusion with the NBL (National Basketball League). As one of the four main professional leagues in American sport, alongside NFL (American soccer), MLB (baseball) and NHL (ice hockey), NBA is an undisputed benchmark in the world of men's professional basketball.

The regular season kicks off in October and comprises 82 games, followed by the playoffs in which the top huit teams in each conference compete. The Finals pit the best team from the Eastern Conference against the best team from the Western Conference, with the premier team to win four games crowned Champion NBA.
NBA is not just a league, it's a way of life. For basketball fans, nothing beats the feeling of wearing the colors and logo of their favorite franchise.

The Most Iconic Franchises NBA

Whether you're a fan of the Bulls or Lakers dynasties, or your heart beats for Celtics, Raptors or Suns, we have something for every NBA fan. Each piece in our collection is designed with careful attention to detail, ensuring that you own an authentic piece of NBA history.

Ball Replica Teams NBA

Stay loyal with Wilson NBA Team Tribute basketballs. The leather features an all-over pattern of your team's primary and secondary colors, with the team logo prominently displayed on the front. Performance leather is designed to take on the court of your choice, with durable grip for rough surfaces.