Basketball equipment

Here is our catalog of products essential to the practice of Basket-ball. protection, baskets, bags, care, nutrition... Basket-Center offers you a wide range of equipment from the best brands present on the courts of NBA: adidas Nike , McDavid, Blindsave, Rehband, New Era and many moreautres!

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Basketball equipment

Playing basketball requires a lot more equipment than you might think. In fact, if you want to enjoy ideal comfort during your games or training sessions, take a look at our different offers to raise your level on the court.

Find out more about our basketball equipment, from accessories and protective gear to bags and nutrition. You'll also find our selection of the best basketball equipment and brands.

What basketball equipment should I choose?

Now that you've had a chance to find out about ta shoes, the right textile and the right ball size for you. Find out more about the equipment you need to play basketball.

Equipment : What protection should you choose for basketball?

Basketballball is far from being a contact sport. However ,collisions between players are extremely common and can even lead to bruising.

Physical blows in basketball are generally present in defense under the basket.

To protect your body and make it easier to defend, we recommend that you obtain some protective solutions:

  • Forearm and armprotectors protect the elbow and arm from impact.

  • Knee pads protect the knees.

  • Protective clothingforupper and lower body protection .

  • Comfortable and hard-wearing, this compressive protective gear makes you more comfortable in your duels during decisive matches!

    We recommend the following brands:Mc David, Spalding,Blindsave,Rehband and Shock Doctor.

    Equipment : Sponge wristbands and basketball headbands

    PortSponge wristbands are designed toabsorb perspiration durant after strenuousphysical exertion. What's more, they allow you to wipe your forehead when the sweat gets too much, so you can stay totally focused durant .

    Easy to access and inexpensive, you'll find a range of sponge wristbands from your favorite brands on !

    Themost effective way to reduce sweat on the forehead is with a sweatband. As they cover part of the forehead, they limit the accumulation of sweat.

    And don't forgetthat while you're playing basketball, you should always wear the right outfit: shorts, t-shirt, socks and, of course, a good pair of shoes, so that you're as comfortable as possible on the court.