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Explore our complete selection of basketball apparel, including jerseys, shorts, sweatshirts and more, from the best brands in the industry.

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Basketball apparel

How to choose your basketball clothes?

If you're just starting out in basketball, or if you need to update your clothing, here are a few tips on how to choose the right basketball outfit.

Whether you're a man or a woman, you have two choices for the top of your outfit: a sleeveless tank top or a t-shirt with sleeves. If you want to keep your shoulders and arms clear, we recommend an upper-body tank top. What's more, if you need to change colors or style durant your workout, a reversible tank top will be a perfect match.

Some people also prefer to have their shoulders covered while they play, so we advise you to adapt, depending on your basketball practice. For example, at outdoor you'll need a thicker fabric, unlike indoors, where the temperature allows the use of much lighter materials. Long-sleeved T-shirts can also be worn in cooler weather: durant outdoor .

Mitchell & Ness

Discover the timeless heritage of Mitchell & Ness through our exclusive collection. With a distinctive blend of retro style and contemporary innovation, our items captivate basketball and fashion enthusiasts alike. From authentic jerseys to iconic caps, each piece embodies theesprit of NBA and its legends. Manufactured with unrivalled attention to detail and exceptional quality, our Mitchell & Ness products celebrate the history of basketball while remaining at the forefront of current trends.


Immerse yourself in basketball excellence with Adidas. Our exclusive collection embodies the brand'sesprit commitment to innovation and performance. Products from the ranges of NBA stars: James HardenDonovan Mitchell, Damian Lillard or the Performance range, each item reflectsAdidas 's commitment to athletic excellence. Whether you're on the court or in the stands, our Adidas Basketball range ensures style, comfort and performance. Explore our selection and discover how Adidas is redefining the standards of modern basketball, equipping players with superior quality products and unrivalled aesthetics.


Explore the unparalleled innovation and style of Nike basketball apparel. From Dri-FIT technology offering comfort and breathability to iconic designs featuring the famous swoosh, every piece embodies the brand's excellence. Whether you're looking for T-shirts, lightweight shorts or trendy sweatshirts, Nike offers the perfect gear to dominate the court in style.


Discover the boldness and style of Puma basketball apparel. Our collection combines performance and aesthetics, with innovative designs and high-quality materials. From breathable jerseys to snug-fitting shorts, each piece is designed to offer optimal comfort on the court. With Puma, you can push the boundaries and show off your unique style while dominating the game.